18th July 2019 

What is Psychosynthesis?

Psychosynthesis literally means the reuniting of the whole psyche. In Psychosynthesis counselling, all of our human experience is honoured and can be included – our sexuality and our spirituality, our body, emotions and mind. When we feel stuck, confused, powerless or fearful, Psychosynthesis says there is an inner wisdom at work. That the core of our being, which sees the bigger picture of our lives and can guide us, is calling us through our distress. The Psychosynthesis counsellor is trained to help her client to still themselves so that they can hear this call and come back to their centre.

What is <BR>Psychosynthesis? #01

Part of this process of reorientation involves a reflective dialogue between the counsellor and her client, aimed at bringing clarity to internal conflicts (conflicts between emotions, thoughts, aspirations and behaviours which are often unconscious). Through this dialogue, the client comes to a deeper understanding of what beliefs and attitudes are holding them back. This helps them to dare to make different choices - choices which reflect their true potential. Responding to each client’s unique timing and needs, the counsellor encourages them to put their insights into action, making changes in their daily lives which reflect their more empowered state of being.

What is <BR>Psychosynthesis? #02

With commitment, short term Psychosynthesis counselling can facilitate these beneficial changes. As the work deepens in the longer term, clients can come to realise that their suffering was meaningful, because it led to previously unenvisaged growth and the renewal of purposeful engagement with life.

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