18th July 2019 
Do you feel






or burnt out?

Perhaps you don't know where to turn to get some help?

These kinds of feelings often arise when we don’t even recognise, let alone value, our own needs.

As a Psychosynthesis counsellor, I can be a really helpful resource when you need to share your troubles, particularly when:

  • you don’t want to worry your friends or family

  • you are afraid of hurting those you care about

  • you feel too embarrassed or ashamed to talk about it

  • you feel overwhelmed and can’t see a way out

Whether you’re looking for short term support to help you with a specific issue, or for longer term counselling to explore your potential for growth and renewal, I will be there to encourage you as you learn to hear and trust your own wisdom.

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A typical client

Many of the people I see work in the caring/healing field, or have spent a lot of their lives looking after others physically and/or emotionally. In all cases there has been a tendency to undervalue or neglect their own needs for attention and care, in favour of the needs of others.

This tendency can often be traced back to their childhood where one or, sometimes, both parents could not be there for them for reasons ranging from divorce, depression to financial hardship. In some cases they grew up in families which put great value on helping others, especially people who where disadvantaged or suffering. In a few cases it has been the result of a spiritual awakening later in life which inspired them to be 'selfless'.

It is a fact that when care of ourselves is perceived as bad or selfish, or when we are so outwardly focused that we don’t even recognize that we have any needs, we are heading for some kind of crisis. This can take many forms - a break down in health, problems at work, difficulties in family relationships, or simply getting overwhelmed by uncomfortable thoughts and feelings such as resentment, anxiety, depression, and so on. These are all signs that we are in a state of imbalance in our lives and need to make some changes.

My clients took the courageous decision to seek therapeutic help for themselves. This was the first step towards regaining a sense of their own value and worth, and reconnecting to their inner truth. I was able to guide them to a deeper understanding of what they needed in their lives, help them examine and let go of limiting beliefs and mindsets, and support them while they learnt how to get their needs heard and met. It is amazing and a real privilege for me to witness the way that my clients have grown and found a more authentic way of expressing themselves and connecting with others.

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